Keeping your Contracts up to date

Dentists have to focus, from time to time, on contractual issues.  This article is intended to provide an easy to read guide on a few easy steps to keep on top of the paperwork.

Fun and games with incorporation under the new regime

NHS England is currently generally agreeing to incorporation of NHS Contracts, but policies are different from the LAT to LAT and each policy changes literally from month to month.  This article examines various aspects of the willingness or otherwise of NHS England to agree to incorporation.

When Sid and Bill met Russell

So you sell your incorporated practice for £800,000.  Is this the final price or is this just the starting point?  This article seeks to examine the adjustments required to be made on the sale of an incorporated dental practice

Guarantees on dental work

Legal and clinical considerations relating to guarantees given for dental work.

The Battle of the Lawyers: Divorce

Lawyers, particularly solicitors, are trained to hold one fundamental belief, above all and that is that the interests of their clients are paramount and that they must do whatever is within their power to further their client’s case.  This article examines the logic of this proposition.

Property Issues on Incorporation

Russell Abrahams examines various property issues that require to be considered on incorporation of a dental practice

Quasi incorporation

Imaginative solutions for incorporation were NHS England are unwilling to agree to the incorporation of an NHS Contract.