AD offers a range of services for estates both before and after an individual passes away.  We offer guidance on creating a Lasting Power of Attorney.  Our Wills team can produce a Will from scratch or update what you already have in place.  The Estate Administration team help Executors / Administrators to administer and distribute someone else's estate. 

Estate Administration

Many people do not know where to start when a friend or relative dies. The process can be more daunting and sometimes more complicated than anticipated, especially if there is no Will.  Our Probate Solicitors bring a commercial approach to dealing with estates of all sizes.  We have particular expertise in dealing with intestacy matters.

Lasting Power of Attorney

We can guide you through the process of appointing someone to make decisions on your behalf during your lifetime through a Lasting Power of Attorney. These powers can be made in relation to your health and welfare, your property and your financial affairs.  This gives you control over what happens to you if, for example, you have an accident or an illness that means you do not have the mental capacity to make certain decisions on your own.


Whether you need to set out your wishes in your first Will or would like to update your current Will, we offer a commercial and straightforward approach to Will drafting.  Make life easier for your family after you pass away by writing or updating your Will today. 

Russell and Liam head up the Estate Administration team and assist with Lasting Powers of Attorney.  Russell and Liam comprise the AD Wills department.